Kansas Beagles Taste Dog Food!

Our little beagle puppies were introduced to dog food today!  I pour water on top to make it have a heavier aroma.  Then I place it in a frisbee and I set the puppies around the ” table”.    I was proud of my babies!  A few licked at the water and tried to taste it!  This is a great start for these babies!  Plus they were placed in the weaning area for 30 minutes without mama.  Yes, they missed her!   But this is just the beginning of a very long weaning journey for them.  We wean very gradual here!   You should have seen the happy reunion when I returned them to our mama beagle, JOLLY!  She is such a doting mama, she cleaned them all up and let them nurse immediately!    The goal is to get these babies eating really and spend 24 hours without mama.  We try to acheive that goal by the age of 7 weeks.  Then I like to watch them exist without mama for a few days before they leave to go to new homes.  That way, I am really sure, they are READY for new homes!!

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