Kansas Italian Greyhounds Endure Dew Claw Removal!

Our newest bunch of Italian Greyhounds from Lucy, had their dew claws removed today!  I was proud of our mama, Iggy!  She was very quiet and totally trusted me with her new puppies.  She didn’t whine or try to destroy her whelping box, like some mamas do!  Lucy is just totallly trusting!  She is one extremely FRIENDLy Italian Greyhound!  She demands to be petted 1st when I love and cuddle all her babies!  She is just a happy, loving mama.  All the puppies were doing well, when I checked on them a little while later!  Sleeping and likely forgot the whole procedure in the morning!  These little Iggypuppies are turning and flopping quite well in their whelping box!  They are extremly good at finding mama and getting their tummies fed!   

Hoppy Hope’s little babies are getting so very big!  It is truly amazing to see such growth in such a small span of time.  They have definitely doubled their birth weight by now.   They are scooting quite gracefully around their whelping box!

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