Kansas Beagle Puppy Wags Tail!

My little beagle puppy named Dallas is actually wagging his tail now!  I am so proud of this little 4 week old puppy!  The rest of the beagle puppies have not discovered their tails yet!  I went in to talk to this little family of beagles and pet them tonight.  Surprise, surprise, little Dallas was wagging his tail and coming towards me for loving.  Perhaps it has to do with me feeding them REAL PUPPY Food!  I am thinking maybe he remembered the pleasant aroma and it gave him a HAPPY Thought!  At any rate, I rewarded him with some  pettin and my happy voice.  I love these little babies, they just get cuter every day!   It is so interesting to watch their development.  I do notice them playing with each other a LITTLE bit!  Once in a while, you will see them nibbling on each others ear, to try to get a reaction from the other puppy!  Just like children, they enjoy playing and aggravating each other once in a while!

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