Kansas Beagles Have a Toddler Visit them!

Our Beagle family had a very special visitor today!  Her name is Michaela and she is 2 years old!  She came to our house today and dearly loves to see all our doggies.  So we took her and my son who is 3 years of age to pet the new beagle puppies!  My son wasn’t too impressed, he has seen the puppies many times before!  But his little playmate was very impressed.  She proceeded to hold several of our new beagle puppies!  Mama, Jolly, was very patient and allowed both children to visit with her new puppies for a little while!  This is precisely the reason I raise beagles.  They are so patient and good with younger children, even toddlers.   Micheala was very interested in watching me  doctor one of our older beagles who has an ear infection.  She watched very closely as I placed medicine inside each ear!   Then before I knew it, she planted a kiss right on our dear Scoutie’s head.   Our beagles are well loved around here!

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