Kansas Beagles Drinking from Mama’s Water Bottle!

Our little beagle babies are learning to drink from a LIX IT bottle!  I am so very proud of them!  They have been watching mama and several drank from her bottle today!  We give all our Adult dogs water bottles to drink from.  This way, I rest in peace that they always have some available water to drink.  We don’t want to risk a water bowl being dumped and spilled in the middle of a warm summer afternoon outside.  Plus little puppies have been know to drown in water bowls.  I refuse to take these risks with my doggie family!  So we drink from lix-it water bottles that I check twice a day to make sure they have enough water to drink.  I am always hoping my little beagle babies will learn the process!  But, sometimes, it takes quite a while for them to learn.

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