New Puppies from Italian Greyhound Peace!

I am so excited to tell the good news of  Peace delivering 4 new babies today!  This morning, I noticed she had scratched and torn up her carpet in her whelping box.  I told her she better have a really good reason for doing this!  She assured me she did!  Wouldn’t you know, 2 hours later, she produced her 1st couple of puppies.  She had a really easy delivery and by the time the veternarian arrived for kennel inspection, she had produced 2 more babies.  She didn’t seem nervous at all, with the vet being there!  I am very proud of her!  Some dogs get a little nervous when new comers arrive at this critical time.   Peace had 3 BOYS and 1 Girl!  The boys are red with white markings.  The girl is WHITE with red markings.  I believe they would call it PIED color, whatever that means!  It doesn’t remind me of a pie, in any sort of way!  So 4 new IGGY puppies join our family of Italian Greyhounds!   I am one pooped mama with so many babies to look after!  Even my husband had to help today.  So no online pictures yet!  But Wed is professional picture day:   So I hope to have New PICS OF ALL our puppies posted by Thurday night.

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