Kansas Beagle Puppies Discover Mama’s Dogfood!

Our little beagle puppies from Jolly have discovered mamas’ dog food.   These little beagle puppies are standing over by her and desperately trying to dig in her portion of dog food and eat it.  It is quite comical to watch!  I almost want to laugh!  Jolly is not about to share her dog food with anybody!  Certainly not her children.  She just growls good naturedly and continues chomping!   This is good new for me!  It makes weaning her puppies much easier for me.  Now they are more encouraged to eat when I place their own moist dog food before them.  I have been setting them in a special weaning area for several days now, for short periods of time.  I place a frisbee with dog food in it.  Then I place all the pups around it and place their faces really close to they can smell the wonderful aroma.  A few pups have discovered they might possiblely like this stuff!  Plus they start whining and jumping in their box when they see me coming to get them.  That is always an encouraging sign!   Beagle puppies are simpley irrestible at this stage.

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