Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Learning to Stand!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Hoppy Hope are just starting to stand up now!  This is a major point in their developement!  It is just so darling cute to watch.  Little Prince Charles was standing on his feet when I arrived to check tempertures of puppy beds tonight.  He toppled over shortly, but I was very impressed!  I am sure the rest of his siblings will be trying this trick really soon!  It is just amazing to watch them progress from rolling at birth, to scooting, more graceful scooting, standing, and finally walking.  Then last of all, jumping!   My how these Italian Greyhounds will love to jump later on.  Later on, they will focus on me when I come to talk to them.  Next, they will  try to climb and jump out of their whelping box to try to get over to me.  It is just so endearing to watch their behavior.   It is amazing to see how easily they attatch themselves to their caregiver!

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