Kansas Italian Greyhounds Using Heat Lamps!

Our last 2 litters of Italian Greyhound puppies got a surprise these last 2 days!  Just when they were getting comfortable in their beds with mama, Our Kansas Weather turned frightfully cold!  Guess what, tonight we have cranked up the heating pads where they are sleeping!  And we pulled out the heat lamps!   Little newborn Iggy puppies require MAJOR warmth.  Yes, and we have the heater set on 72 degrees in our building!  I am amazed myself.  Just the other day, we had 95 degrees outside.  I turned OFF all the heat mats and all the babies seemed comfortable.  It was rather warm in the building and I thought we were all set for summer.  I never know what to expect!  I just keep checking on the babies several times a day to make sure they are comfortable.  Tonight is so cold, we even turned on the heat mats Full blast for the ADULT Italian Greyhounds!    Kansas Weather keeps you Wondering!

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