Kansas Beagle Puppies Eating Dry Dog Food!

Our little beagle puppies have discovered the food in mama’s dog food box!  When she is not looking they are eating dry food out of her box.  Mama Jolly is cooperating really well with the weaning of her puppies!  She takes frequent naps outside their whelping box.  When she is not there, they eat her dog food.  Consequently, I am going to put them in a special weaning area for 1/2 of the day TOTALLY without mama beagle tomorrow.  I am sure they won’t be too happy about it!  But they are doing really well in the weaning process, and I KNOW it!  Mama beagle needs a special 1/2 day without her babies!  She is so little and very tired of feeding her tribe of puppies.  7 puppies is a lot for a little 17 lb mama to feed!  She has to eat like a horse just to keep up with the task!

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