More Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Open their Eyes!

Today we have more Italian Greyhound puppies opening their eyes!  Lucy’s litter of 7 babies are begginning to open their eyes today!  Little Charity is the very 1st puppy to start opening her eyes.  Both eyes are  little slanted squints opening.  I imagine tomorrow they will be wide open.  I love to watch the Iggy puppies at this stage!  They don’t really know what to think about the light and all the new objects that they are seeing.  It takes them a while to learn to adapt to this new change!  Little Hoppy Hopes litter of babies are walking quite well now!  I think Prince Charles does most of the exploring!  Both of these litters of Italian Greyhound babies are manuveering quite well in their whelping box!  They know exactly how to find the warm spots and cooler spots of the box depending on how they are feeling about the temperture.   We have a large heat pad that covers nearly 80% of the carpeted area of their box.  The carpet covers the entire area.  They are very smart little creatures!

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