Kansas Italian Greyhounds Get a Nail Trim!

Our Adult Italian Greyhounds recieved a much needed toe nail trim today!  Amazingly, everyone cooperated extremely well with this project!  It always helps to have lots of nursing mamas with little puppies.  I think nursing mamas have a special hormone that causes them to be extremely calm during toe nail trimming!  It never ceases to amaze me.   They just calmly wait their turn and No Italian Greyhound mama is very nervous about it.  If nobody has puppies, it is completley a different story.  They run outside as soon as they see the nail trimming process begin.  It is like a magic radar and they communicate very well.  They will stay outside until someone is sent outside to pick them up and carry them in!  Italian Greyhounds are one VERY smart breed!    Being a mama seems to bring out the very best in their behavior!

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