SURPRISE: More Kansas Beagle Puppies Coming Soon!!

Today, I received a surprise from my little Beagle girl:  Cousin Sheryl!  I had noticed she is really gaining weight!  Then I saw that her milkers are starting to pop.  Today, My husband took a good look at her!  And he thoroughly examined her belly.  He found puppies just by running his hands over her belly.  Then he showed me the little special lump!  We know exactly who she has been running with.  Our dear little Lemonade!  Apparently this beagle  has been busy making more babies than we took note of.  Once in a while, we have surprises like this.  So, my husband Roy will be making little Cousin Sheryl a new whelping box for her coming babies .  I hastily put her in a new area completely by herself.  And I turned on her heat mat just in case.  You can never be too careful about these things! 

My little beagle puppies from Jolly are doing quite well in the weaning process!  I left them in the weaning area of our kennel for another 1/2 day without mama beagle around.  They are coping pretty well without her!  Although she gives them a hardy welcome when the puppies are returned to her.  She just stands up and all the puppies start slurping milk from her as fast they can.  Such noisy little drinkers these little beagles are!  I have never heard such loud slurps before.  Actually it is quite comical to watch them!

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