More Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Standing UP!

Today, my litter of Italian Greyhounds from Lucy are starting to learn to walk!   I am so proud of them!  Lamont, one of the little guys, would stand up and take 2 steps and then fall right back down.  It is like watching toddlers learn to take their 1st few steps.  I really enjoy watching this little family of Iggys.  I would imagine in a couple of days, they will all be toddling around on their feet.  Still unsure and occasionally falling but a little more steady.  It is amazing the progress they make in just 2 days time! 

Hoppy Hopes bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies are walking really well now!  I would imagine they will be discovering playing with their siblings here in a week or so!  Our 2 new litters of Iggy puppies from Brite Lite and Peace are still peacefully sleeping and eating and doing little else ,except growing rapidly!~

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