Kansas Beagle Pups Have Visitors From Michigan!!

Our little Beagle puppies enjoyed a special treat today!  We had 3 people from Michigan who came to see these babies.  They are beagle lovers themselves and enjoyed holding and cuddling them.  I did have to tell them, our current bunch are all sold!  They all agreed that they are just darling little cuties.  I think they would have been interested in holding and cuddling them all day long!  It is terribley hard to put down a beagle puppy and walk away without taking one home!    These little beagles are doing so well with their weaning.  I am so proud of them.  They are eating dry dog food and eagerly waiting for me to give them more in their feed box.  Drinking water from the lixit bottles seems to be going quite well also.  They get so excited to see me when I walk in the kennel.  They start whining for attention immediately.  After all, aren’t they the MOST important babies in the whole dog kennel building?  Mama beagle, Jolly, is adjusting very well to being back with her beagle friends.  She is romping and running and playing!  I think she is enjoying her new found freedom!

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