Kansas Beagles are Weighed today!

Our little family of beagle puppies are getting cuter every day!  Tonight I had to hold each one, they are just simpley irrestible!  And it is so rewarding to see them wag those little tails with pleasure when you are petting them.  These beagles are going to be great little buddies!  Already I can see them getting attatched to me, they are quiet and minding their own business, UNTIL they see me coming.  Then they start crying and wanting me to give them attention.  How can you resist those sweet little faces?  Tonight we weighed and guess what? some of the bigger beagle pups are now at 5 lbs and 4 ounces.  We still have a couple of smaller ones I bet that have not reached the 5 lb mark yet!   Mama Jolly whines occasionally and wants her babies back.  But for the most part, she is busy romping and playing with her friends.    I notice she is definitely paying more attention to our farm dog, Guss!  When Guss comes romping thru the yard, she very quickly dances outside to check out his latest antics.  Gus loves to provide my dog family with plenty of entertainment.  He is very good at letting my dogs know when he sees anything exciting, such as squirrels!

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