Kansas Italian Greyhounds are Weighed!

Our  little Italian Greyhound puppies were weighed today!  Lucy’s and Hoppy Hopes babies are nearly the same size!  Hoppy Hopes puppies are eating mamas dog food out of her feed box.  Today they also discovered the water lixit bottle she drinks from.  I would imagine these Iggys will start drinking from her water bottle tomorrow.  Both of these litters of Italian Greyhounds are weighing a little over 2 lbs!  I am constantly amazed how fast they grow!  Iggys generally start out at 6 -8 OUNCES at birth.  Peace’s litter of Italian Greyhounds are catching up really fast!  They are weighing in at 2 lbs!  Their eyes are open now and they are crawling quite well around their box.  Brite Lites puppies are still rather small!  I suspect that is because she is the smallest Iggy I own.  They were even very small at birth!  Her puppies are just 1 lb and 6 ounces!  But Mama Brite Lite is just a 9-10 lb dog herself!  These Iggy still have their eyes closed.  But I suspect they will start  opening rather soon.

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