Kansas Beagle Comes Running to be Petted!

Scouty, the newest member of our beagle family,   is  becoming very comfortable in his new home with us!  Scouty was purchased from another breeder in Nebraska who had to stop her puppy business due to health problems.  Scouty was a shy little beagle when he 1st arrived at our farm.  He was only 2 years old and didn’t know what to think of his new home in the country.  So I tried my best to make him feel right at home!  He spent the 1st weeks in t he house living with our family.  Then I took  him out to the kennel area so he could get used to living with the rest of our dog family.    The real shy breaker is when I started hand feeding him every day!  Just that simple act caused his tail to wag with pleasure!  Tonight when I called him to me, he came running with his little tail wagging!  Now Scouty comes to me for his daily cuddling and lovings.  I am hoping to use him in our breeding program in a few months to father some pups for me.  This little Beagle is barely 17 lbs!  He should make some AWESOME mini beagles.  And he is tri-color!  We get tri- color requests for puppies.  The tradional black, tan and white beagles.

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