Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Begging to be Petted!

Our litter of puppies from Hopey Hope are developing quite the personalities.  Tonight when I went to check on them, they all came to the edge of their big box wagging their tails.  Then they started jumping up and begging for me to pet them.   This simpley thrills my heart!  I love this age!  Little Pearl was the one to start all the tail wagging action.  She was one of the 1st to start coming to be petted.  This group of Italian Greyhounds should prove to be a friendly little bunch!  I like to see Iggys like this!   Earlier when I went to check on Brite Lites litter, I saw a very comical sight!  Brite Lite was trying to play with her own puppies!  She was nudging them and just sniffed and stopped to see if she could get a reaction out her babies!  I almost wanted to laugh!  They are a little young for playtime yet!  Guess she is lonely for her big doggie friends and wanted to see if her puppies would play with her!  Italian Greyhounds are hilarious to watch sometimes.  I do beleive Lucy is my most extremely friendly Iggy!  When I try to reach in and pet her babies, she jumps in front of them and tries desperately to be petted.  Believe me, I do pet her!  I just like to reserve some loving time with her puppies!

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