Kansas Italian Greyhounds Start the Weaning Process!

Today our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Hoppy Hope and Lucy started the weaning process!  Each group of Iggys were placed in a special weaning area.  In the middle of the area, I placed a frisbee with puppy food soaked in water for them to nibble on.  Hoppy Hopes puppies were really interested in the dog chow.  They enjoyed sampling this new treat!  Lucy’s puppies looked dumbfounded!  They wondered if I had lost my mind!  I don’t think a single one them even looked at the doggie chow.  We will keep trying this new procedure every day.  Eventually everybody will catch on!  This is just the 1st step for your Italian Greyhound puppies.  The goal is to be fully weaned in about 2 weeks.  Each day we practice without mama.  The time span gets longer and longer, until finally we are without mama for a full 24 hours.

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