Kansas Italian Greyhounds Sleeping in their Feed Dish!

Our little Italian Greyhounds have discovered a new use for their feed dish!  Lucy’s puppies ate their puppy chow and then promptly curled up and fell asleep in the middle of their feed bowl!  It was so darling cute!  I did wake them all up and send them back to their proper bedroom to sleep with their mama, Lucy!  Hoppy Hopes puppies are really getting into playtime!  It so fun to watch these Italian Greyhounds play!  Prince Charles jumped on top of Georgia Girl and gave her a good playful tussle.  It is just hilarious!  I think both of these puppies are the smallest in their litter.  But apparently Prince Charles THINKS he is big!  Brite Lite and Peaces’s little puppies are growing so big!  But they still just mostly eat and sleep.  Although I did see Brite Lites litter standing up and toppling over.  Won’t be long and they will be walking really steady!

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