Kansas Beagle Girl Plump and Pregnant!

My little Sheryl, beagle girl, is really developing the pregnant look!  Remember Sheryl is the girl that was spending time with Lemonade, my best stud muffin!  I assumed they were just getting to know each other with casual dating and dinner.  Boy, was I ever wrong!  2 weeks ago my husband examined little Sheryl and declared, “She is a pregnant mama”.  I have really been keeping an eye on that Sheryl, ever since!  I placed her in the whelping area, immediately.  Especially since I have no idea when they were doing serious bed romping.  I have been guessing on her due date, according to her shape.  It is just crazy, this week she has developed the saging belly and is having trouble walking out the doggie door.    So who know when I can expect little beagle puppies?  I just think she can’t continue this sagging shape for endless amounts of weeks.  My best guess is tomorrow up till 2 weeks from now.  That Sheryl is one sneaky girl!

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