Kansas Italian Greyhounds Learning to Potty on Paper!

My little Italian Greyhound puppies from Brite Lite and Peace have officially graduated to the beginning potty training class!  Their carpet in their bedroom was reduced to only 1/2 the size.    The other half of their bedroom has been rearranged and changed to an official restroom.  Their rest room is full of paper.  the idea is to keep your bed and play area clean.  Do your pottys in the uncomfortable papered off area.  Most of these puppies are getting the idea.  I saw somebody travel to the paper to potty tonight!    All the puppies in these 2 litters are walking quite well now!  So no excuses for not taking your pottys to the restroom area.

Lucy and Hoppy Hopes Italian Greyhound puppies are doing really well eating puppy chow.  I saw some of Hoppy Hopes puppies eating directly out of her feed box.   This is good news!  They still do not appreciate being seperated from mama for 1 hour each day for breakfast time.  I keep hearing them say, “Let me go back to mama”.    Her milk is easier to eat than soft puppy food.  But, I keep insisting and almost all of them eat puppy food now.  Hopefully we will have these 2 bunches of puppies completely weaned in a couple of weeks.


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