Kansas Beagles Doing Well!

Our little bunch of beagles coped very well in my absence!  My husband and I went away for the weekend and put a very special doggie sitter in charge.  The beagles were very excited to see me again.  Especially our 1 last beagle puppy waiting to go to her new home!  I had to give little Rachel a special hug and cuddle.  She is learning to cope with all her litter mates gone.  It is always hard to see the last little puppy in the litter wait to be picked up!  Some puppy is always last!  Nothing much that I can do about it!  If the Iggy puppys were weaned, I would put 1 or 2 in the weaning area for little Rachel to play with.  But our Iggy puppies are not quite ready for complete weaning without mama!  So we just  try to give the last beagle puppy a little extra love and attention!  Sheryl, Our sneaky beagle has still not hatched her babies yet!  We will just have to wait and keep watching her.  I keep thinking she should be getting closer to delivering those beagle babies!

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