Kansas Italian Greyhounds Excited to See Me!!

My little Italian Greyhound Puppies were very excited to see me this evening!  My husband and I went away for the weekend and left the Italian Greyhound doggies with a special Dog sitter in charge.   I am pleased to announce our dog sitter took excellent care of our Iggy family!   I cannot believe how much our little Iggy puppies have matured in just a matter of a few days!  Hoppy Hopes bunch of puppies are doing some SERIOUS playtime.  Little growls and a complete tackle of each other.  It is just hilarious to watch!  Little Georgia was beening tackled by Preston.  As soon as Georgia got up, she ran and tackled Preston and he went down.  They are just one happy bunch.  Little Peace’s bunch of Iggys are really watching me   inside their whelping box.  I saw them thinking about trying to escape and come out to be with me!  You can almost see their little minds working and scheming!  I do believe every Iggy puppy in all litters was doing very well with pottying on papers.  I am proud of these babies!

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