Kansas Italian Greyhound PUPPIES Getting Closer to Fully Weaned!!

Our Italian Greyhound puppies from Hoppy and Lucy are getting closes to being fully Weaned!  Today these Iggy puppies spent 1/2 day away from their mama’s.  Lucy’s puppies even sampled dry dog food during that time!  Hoppy’s puppies were content to just eat the wet dog food!  I am very proud of them!  This is a MAJOR step in the process of weaning!  Tomorrow they will spend another 1/2 day without mama.  The goal is to spend 24 hours without mama.  It takes a while to acheive the goal.

Our Italian Greyhound puppies from Brite Lite are now eating dry food with mama out of their feed box!  I cannot believe how fast they are maturing!  Tomorrow Peace and Brite Lite’s puppies will spend 30 minutes away from mama in the weaning area.  During this time, they will be learning to eat wet dog food from the big puppy frisbee.  I use frisbees to feed my puppies so everybody can find a place around the dinner bowl.

Italian Greyhound puppies grow so very quickly!  Won’t be long and I will have to send them on to thier new homes.  They sure are fun to watch develop and get to know them, while they are here with us.  I always try to keep in mind why I raise puppies!  That is to bring Joy and Smiles to Peoples faces.  I want to share the joy that I find in my doggie family!

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