Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Climbs out of Whelping Box!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy from Hoppy’s litter gets the award for being the most intelligent!  That is Prince Charles!  He has learned to climb out of his whelping box with mama.  I think this little Iggy was quite proud of himself.  He didn’t look the least bit worried about finding his way back to mama.  These little Italian Greyhound puppies can be quite adventuresome.  Of course, I am sure he was encouraged by the fact, that I have been lifting all the puppies out to go to the new weaning area to eat.  He probally thought he could beat me to the food this morning~!

Little Peaces and Brite Lites bunch of puppies coped really well on thier 1st half hour without mama this morning.   They even tried to sample the wet dog food I placed in thier frisbees to eat.

Lucy’s and Hoppy’s bunch of puppies will be moving to the next level in weaning tomorrow!   12 Full hours without mama!  Wet food will  be placed before them and also the opportunity to eat dry food out of the feed box.  I saw a few of them nibbling on dry food out of the box.  I cannot believe how fast they grow up!

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