Kansas Beagle Girls are Round with Puppies!

Our 2 beagle girls:  Emmy and Viola are developing quite the bellies!  They are both very obviously pregnant.  You should see them stretched out on the floor when they are sleeping with their bellies poking out!   They can’t hide their pregnancy any more.  Daddy Lemonade is still walking around clueless, seriously wondering how they got into this condition!  You would think he could figure it out by now!  But not this boy!   Lemonade just keeps romping with the ladies and enjoying his carefree life!    In his words,  ”  Free food and a parade of women to romp with Makes him a very Happy Boy”.

Our beagle girl,  Sheryl, we are still wondering about!  Fat indeed, but still no puppies!   If we wait long enough, I imagine we will find out!  She is ONE MYSTERIOUS women!!  Too bad, Lemonade can’t talk!  Maybe he could enlighten us on this situation.  Then again, maybe he wouldn’t?

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