Kansas Italian Greyhound Spits out Medicine

Today, we gave worming medicine to Hoppy Hopes little Italian Greyhound puppies!  Our little Georgia  Girl definitely voiced her dissapproval!  She spit it right back out!  She was hoping mama would get the message and quite making her taste such nasty white stuff!  What she did not count on is THIS Mama is very strong-willed and I don’t take no for an answer!    Especially when it comes to the health of my little Iggy puppies!  I simpley gave her another dose to make up for it.  The other puppies in this little Iggy family weren’t too thrilled with worming medicine either!  But we must treat our puppies or they will go to NEW homes with worms.   And then NOBODY would be happy!

Tonight Lucy AND Hoppy Hope’s Italian Greyhound puppies will be spending their 1st night without mama!~   All the puppies seem to accept the fact and are coping very well.    Lucy and Hoppy Hope are enjoying some new found freedom!   They are back with all thier doggie friends and enjoyed a good day of playtime again.  A well deserved break for some very caring mamas.  Lucy in particular was very happy!    She loves to play QUEEN of the ROOST with her doggie friends.  She likes to be the LEADER and all the other dogs tend to follow her.  I always have to pet her 1st and THEN her friends come next.  It is hilarious to watch!  She will keep jumping and hopping in front of you until you take the time to give her a dose of luvins!

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