Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Visit Vet!

Our Italian Greyhound puppies from Lucy and Hoppy had their 1st checkup at the vet!  The car ride did not impress any of them!  You never heard such moaning and crying before.  Pet carriers are glorified PRISONS they informed me!  I tried to explain that we had to ride in carriers for their safety in the car.  I don’t think ANY of them are the slightest BIT interested in SAFETY issues.  They had much more important issues to think about like:  Comfort, WHERE is MAMA?,  where is my home?.   I felt so sorry for them.  I think they were all relieved to discover that mama and a very kind vet awaited at the end of their long journey.  It is truly amazing what a little pat and touch can do for very TIMID puppies!

Peace and Brite Lites, little Italian Greyhound puppies are adapting VERY well to eating soft puppy chow WITHOUT mama in the mornings!  They still complain for the 30 minutes without mama!  But they do expect me to pick them up and take them to the weaning area for their feed.  They jump up and start begging for me to pick them up!

All the Iggy puppies survived PICTURE day WEDNESDAY!  A few of them posed exceptionally well!  Most of them assumed I had taken them to a new place to explore.  They were more excited about explorering than standing still for a picture.  Be sure to check out their NEW pics on the Italian Greyhound puppy page!



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