Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Gets a Belly Rub!!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppy from Peace,   Tigger,  was really happy to see me tonight!  He rolled over on his belly begging me to give him a belly rub!  I have never seen a 4 and 1/2 week old puppy do this.  The rest of the puppies were happily wagging their tails and trying to nudge me to pet them.  This little Italian Greyhound puppy obviously takes after his daddy, THE Tiggertails!!  The daddy, TiggerTails,  will do almost anything to gain attention and pats and luvins from me.  He is one who endures nail trims for the sake of a belly rub from my husband.  The only problem is when we are thru with his nails, He does’nt want to get down.  He does not want the belly rub to end!!

Brite Lites puppies are now wagging their tails with excitement when they see me!  Lucy and Hoppy’s  little Italian Greyhound puppies demand that I pet them 1st before anybody else.  They  start dancing, and crying for attention the minute they see me bounce into the dog building.  I think they know mama brings the FOOD in!!  And of course I have to stop to give them some luvins!  Who can resist Iggy puppies?  They are delightful!!

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