Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Climbs OUT!!

Our smallest Italian Greyhound puppy,  Sondra, scaled her whelping box wall and climbed out in the aisle to see all the other doggies!  She is only 2 lbs!  But, quite the Go-GETTER!  Her 2 siblings are just shaking their heads!  Her little trick is beyond their imaginations.  Why would anyone want to leave mama, Brite Lite?  Sondra was just bored:  Her 2 siblings were tackling each other and she didn’t have anybody to play with!  So Sondra had a little visit with Hoppy’s puppies in the weaning area.  These Italian Greyhounds are just plain SOCIALABLE!  Always looking for NEW friends!

Hoppy’s Iggys recieved their 8 week vacination today!  They were not impressed, but they thought it was worth a little time with mama holding them.

Peace’s litter of Iggys are giving mama a run for her dry dog food!  Peace is rather provoked at them!  She growls good-naturedly at them for stealing her food.  The Iggys don’t seem to take her too seriously, they keep right on CHOMPING away on the food!


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