Kansas Beagles are Given Front Line!

Our little family of Beagles received their Front Line for Flea Repellant just yesterday!   We always like to be on the safe side of the flea issue!   We like to PREVENT, rather than WAIT for fleas and treat later.  Our Beagles definitely disagreed with me on this issue!  They told me ” This was not an adequate reason to interupt playtime!”.    Matter of fact, when they saw me carrying the medicine, they ran out the door and refused to come in the doggie building.  No amount of calling or coaxing would cause them to come in!  No amount of reassurance of NO PAIN involved seemed to help!  They smell medicine a mile away!  I finally tricked them a few hours later by pretending to come inside just to pet and love on them.  Now, they are ALWAYS ready for backrubs and Luvins!  Then I pulled the Front Line out and doctored them!    They had to admit, Front Line is NOT the PAIN they thought it would be!

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