Kansas Beagles Making Room for Puppies!

My little Beagle mamas-to-be are doing some really strange things lately!  I think they have finally realized they are in the “Family Way”!  They are trying to scratch and paw their way thru the wall of thier inside bedroom in the Dog Kennel building!  They are trying to do a little “remodeling” to make room for their coming babies.   I hate to dissappoint them because they work so hard at this project!  But thier efforts are very futile, we have absolutely dog proofed thier bedroom and I don’t think it is possible for them to do any remodeling projects on their own!  We don’t intend for bedrooms to be enlarged until we have seen the master blueprint and stamped our approval!  So they will just have to settle down and be good mamas!  In another week, They will have to part with thier beloved boyfriend, Lemonade!  Then they will be assigned a bedroom of their own to wait for their babies.  None of the beagles like to be alone, but we have to do that for the safety of new babies!  Our beagles  always seem to cheer up, once they have their babies to dote on!

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