Kansas Italian Greyhounds Last Night with Mama!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Peace are spending their last night cuddled up with mama!  These Iggys are in the f inal stages of weaning.  They have spent 2 FULL days without mama!  Tomorrow morning they will be put permanently in the weaning area with all the other properly weaned puppies!  This is a big mile stone for them.  They have been eating wet puppy chow really well now.   They have also been crunching on hard dog food occasionally also.  So they are moving up the ladder to the Doggie Junior High.  I am really proud of them.  Next stage, is new homes with new families!  That is what we call Doggie High School.  When you think you are a Big Doggie, but everyone around you knows you are still just a pup!

Hope’s litter of Italian Greyhounds have started leaving for their new homes!  We have one person flying in to Kansas on a special mission to pick up his new puppy very soon!

Peace and Brite Lites litter of Italian Greyhounds recieved their 1st vacinations today!  I am pleased to say they were all Brave Little Puppies!  Not a single one of them cried.  It always helps to have mama petting and talking to you when you get your 1st shot!  My husband, Roy, has to play the bad guy and administer the pain of shots.  My role is quite easy:  Just pet and talk to them!


Pictures on ALL PUppies will be delayed this week.  I am teaching a Bible school class this week and My little boy is attending his 1st summer Bible school!  We are plenty busy and just barely surviving with all this activity.  I am sure that next week will calm down and I hope to get new pics taken on Monday and posted by Tuesday!  So hang in there, and have patience with a very busy mama of puppies and 1 human little boy!



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