Kansas Beagle Mamas Move to thier Birthing Suites!

Our 2 mama beagles, Viola and Emmy, are now living in their new rooms with comfortable beds!  They are waiting on thier BABIES to ARRIVE!  Emmy has been busy trying to rearrange the bed!  She is simpley not happy about it’s position and she is QUITE sure that she has a better idea than I do about it!  You know how mamas get the urge to rearrange things before the new babies arrive!  Viola on the other hand, is very OK with her new quarters!  She declared that it is quite sufficient to meet her growing needs!  You never know about mamas,   some are constantly rearranging and others just shake their head and declare it quite comfortable!  Both mamas beagles are having trouble getting in and out of the doggie door to go outside!  Thier bulging bellies make it difficult to manuvuer these days.  They seem to manage, but it is almost laughable watching them waddle around!  So the wait for beagle babies is now here!

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