Kansas Italian Greyhounds Recieve Medicine!

Today our little Italian Greyhounds from Gracey recieved their 1st worming medicine!  They were downright disgusted with me!  Why would I put that nasty stuff in their mouth?  Especially when I interupted supper time with mama!  Wasn’t I aware that mama’s milk tastes much better than Worming medicine!  I tried to reassure mama, Gracey, that I was not really feeding her babies nasty stuff just to annoy them!  I am not sure Gracey was entirely convinced!  Especially when I fed her the nasty worming medicine also!  She boldly declared, ” I have not RESPECT for a quiet family eating supper!”  I had to gently explain that it was all for a greater cause.  Nobody around her ever appreciates my worming medicine!

Brite Lites 2 Iggy puppies are successfully weaned!  No more drinking milk from mama!  They are BIG puppies now!  They run with all the other Italian Greyhound puppies and drink water out of the lixit bottles, now!  I am so proud of them.  Little Angela and Bryson are 2 smart Iggys.  Didn’t take them very long to understand the BIG puppy world.  Plus they have new friends to play with now!

Tomorrow it is TRIP to the vet day for ALL of Brite Lites and Peaces puppies!  Hopefully everyone will have a tough stomach and nobody will get car sick!  I am sure our vet will be impressed with these new Italian Greyhound puppies!  Everyone of our Iggy puppies has to have 1 thorough vet check before they are sent on their NEW homes!    That way, I can BE sure that everyone is Totally Healthy!!


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