2 Kansas Italian Greyhounds Boarding Airplane!!

Two of our little Italian Greyhound puppies will be boarding the airplane tomorrow Bright and Early!  They are taking a trip to the South!  Their new families are waiting for them in Florida and Lousianna!  Guess they overheard our adult Italian Greyhounds discussing our COLD Winters in Kansas.  Our Adult Italian Greyhounds absolutely hate our big snows in Northern Kansas.  I think they have been telling our 2 puppies:  Pearl and Prince Charles that they are really Lucky!  Warm Tempertures and no snowflakes are the dream of Every Italian Greyhound.  These 2 puppies will be living the GOOD life down in the Southern States!  The rest of our Italian Greyhounds will just have grit their teeth and cuddle up on our special Heat pads that we put on the floor for our Iggy family.  Our Iggys love the heat.  On summer days they lay around dreaming of white beaches and ocean waves!

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