Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies Open Eyes!

Our little Italian Greyhound babies from Gracey are opening their eyes!  A few had them half open for the NEW PICTURES taken this week!  These little babies don’t know what to think of this bright new world.  Now they have a face to place,  with the hands and voice that keeps waking them up at nap time.  ” Why does that SILLY lady keep waking us up and holding us  at inopportune times?”,   they have asked mama several times.  Mama Gracey just keeps trying to explain that this silly lady really cares about them.  I don’t think they have understood her answer just yet!   But Mama Gracey KNOWS That silly lady with the kind voice feeds her and pets and loves on her.  This Mama, Italian Greyhound, is totally convinced that humans are absolutely wonderful!  Give it time and ALL these NEW Iggy babies will have their OWN human families to adore and cuddle up with.

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