Kansas Beagle Mama Goes to Rescue Crying puppy!

Today I had the difficult task of removing dew claws from all of our beagle puppies!  It is not a pleasant job, but I try to make it as easy on the puppies as I can.

Both mamas beagles, Emmy and Viola are really nervous about me making their babies cry!  They watch me very carefully and definitely inspect their puppies when I am done with them.  They have informed me on several occasions that this is a needless procedure!  I have tried to explain that this dew claw will grow a toe nail really long and it will never touch the floor but simply curl and become ingrown.  They still do not believe me!

I had just finished working with Emmy’s puppies and I had moved to work on Violas little beagle puppies.  Little did I know, I had forgot to secure the enclosure where Emmy and her puppies were resting and nursing.  I was now working on Violas beagle puppies!  Emmy is one good mama!  She heard Viola’s puppy crying and left her own brood to come and check on a crying puppy that was not even hers!   Needless to say, Viola declared this was HER puppy and she would comfort it HERSELF!  “I am not an ignorant mama and I do not need your help, ”  she declared to Emmy.  Nothing beats a beagle mama!  I use to have one beagle mama who thought all puppies belonged to her!  She was really depressed when everyone around her,  had puppies and she didn’t have any puppies to cuddle with!



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