Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Wagging Tail!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies from Gracey are really growing up!  They are standing and walking around.  Starting to discover the joy of thier litter mates.  When I went in to say ” Hello” to them a while ago.  Oliver started wagging his tail and begging me to pick him up!  It was so darling cute!  I saw tail wags from some of his siblings too!  But Oliver is the 1st puppy in this litter that has begged for attention!  How can you resist a puppy like that!  Socialization and picking them up at 3 days old is finally beginning to pay off.  I am really free and liberal about picking them up since the day they are born.  In fact, I do it quite deliberately so they can get use to being handled and learn to recognize my voice!  When they are newborns, they don’t quite know what to think of this human mama!  But when they start maturing and walking around they come to associate me with luvvins.  I know the mamas really look forward to thier daily supply of luvvins and pettins.

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