Kansas Italian Greyhounds take a class in Potty Training!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Gracey have officially began kindergarten classes today!  No more baby stuff!  I removed their comfy carpet in their living quarters.  And I divided their living space into 2 parts:  sleeping area and a bathroom!  They have a brand new carpet to sleep on and a new bathroom with lots of shredded paper to practice their potty skills.  Mama is having trouble keeping up with these older youngsters!  So I decided to help her by creating a bathroom for her Italian Greyhound babies!  They move around really well on their own and I think they should have no problems learning to walk to the bathroom to do their duties.  I did encourage them by leaving a small piece of newspaper with urine on top of their new potty area.  They should be able to smell it and get the picture.  I know they don’t like the shredded papers, it is not very comfortable to sleep on.  And that is the idea!  Sleep on the comfortable carpet and potty on the uncomfortable stuff~    They certainly will not graduate potty classes at my place!  But these Iggys  should at least have a good picture by the time they leave my place!

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