Kansas Italian Greyhound PUPPIES Visit Beagles!

Our 3 Italian Greyhound puppies:  Sparky, Charity and Ethan,  went for a visit to the beagle family!  Our 2 BEAGLES Lemonade and Jolly greeted them warmly.  The IGGY puppies loved romping with the BIG dogs!  Lemonade seemed happy to give them a tour of his world!  The other dogs in the kennel area were quite jeoloss that no special company was allowed to visit them.   I specifially chose Lemonade and Jolly because they have always shown a polite interest in the Iggy puppies!  They were very gentle with the puppies and even tried to show them how to operate the doggie door.  The Italian Greyhound puppies were totally mistified!  They couldn’t quite figure out where the beagles disappeared to.    Tomorrow, the 3 Italian Greyhound puppies will visit again with my supervision!  If all goes well, they could be moving in with the beagle family until they are  claimed by their new owners!

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