Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Rolls over for Belly Rub!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Gracey are really getting into the love and affection that I give them.  Tonight, little Jacob, refused to get off his back and kept begging for more belly rubs!  I love little Iggy’s like this!  I am always amazed at how fast they catch on the pettings and holding and hugging that I give them.  Mama Italian Greyhound, Joybells, insists that I always give her affection 1st before I go pet and handle her babies.

My 3 older Italian Greyhound puppies are really getting into playtime with the Adult Beagles each evening!  They start whining as soon as they see me in the evening.  They know that they get to play with the BIG DOGS each evening!  Our beagles are thoroughly entertained with this jumping, happy bunch of Italian Greyhound puppies!

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