Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Climbs Out!

Our sweet little Italian Greyhounds from Joybells are exceptionally bright!  The 2 Girl puppies:  Sharla and Ebony,  have discovered how to climb out of their whelping area!  Sharla in particular is rather proud of this feet!  She walked out of her mama Joybells bedroom and started to walk the aisle down the middle of the kennel!  I know she is extremely jealosss of our 3 older Iggy puppies who get to play with the adult beagles each evening!  Sharla sees me go to their special weaning area and let them outside to play with our beagles.  She just wants to join in on ALL the fun activities!  But, Sharla, my little baby Italian Greyhound  is not ready to go play with beagles!  Sharla is still drinking milk from mama Joybells!  Definitely not ready for the adult world yet!  In fact, this little Iggy, is very persistant in her quest for FUN and playtimes with the Big doggies!  I placed her back in with mama, 3 times tonight and every time she climbed right back out.   I am afraid this calls for special intervention from my husband tomorrow.  He will be putting a very high rail on the whelping box and this will put an end to Sharla’s exploring until she is FULLY WEANED from mama, Iggy!

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