Kansas Beagle Puppies Getting Cuter!!

Our little bunch of beagle puppies are getting cuter every day!  They had a special visit from a 2 year old girl last night!  It is no wonder beagles are rated so HIGH for children.  I remember the last beagle puppy we purchased!  My son was climbing up the toddler slide and that little beagle baby learned to climb uup the slide too.  I shall never forget it, where my son traveled, the little beagle puppy followed!  Affection for children is so darling cute to watch in a beagle.  My little boy is now 3 and 1/2 years old.  He loves to play in the beagle area when I wash the kennel down.  Little Sheryl is usually who he visits with while I wash the runs.  He has even learned how to open the doggie door and go inside the building with the beagles.  The only thing he doesnt seem to understand is why he can’t bring all his toys with him in the kennel run.  I have tried to explain that our doggies will have a little TOO much FUN with his toys!!

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