Kansas Beagles Walking and Playing

Our little bunch of beagle babies from Viola are walking and learning to play with thier litter mates.  I saw one puppy trying to chew on another puppies ear.  Beagle puppies are just darling at this stage.  I decided they were old enough to being the Kindergarten Class in Potty training.  I removed their old carpet and gave them a smaller carpet and put recycled papers in the rest of their little home.  I don’t think any of the puppies appreciated the papers!  Mama certainly did NOT approve of these new changes!  She promptly rearranged her new home to suit her own taste!  But that is the whole idea to get the beagle babies to truly appreciate the carpet!   And then they will walk off their precious carpet and learn to potty on papers!   Mama Beagle thinks it is a riduculous idea!  But, she will eventually learn to adapt to her babies reaching this mile stone in puppyhood!

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