Kansas Beagle Puppies begin Potty Training!

Our little beagle puppies from Emmy and Viola have officially started Kindergarten!  Potty Training has begun!  We removed their carpet and we gave them paper shreds on one side or their bedroom.  This is the new BATHROOM area!  The other side of the area we put a brand new carpet scrap for them to sleep and play on!  I did notice them beginning to travel to the bathroom to potty!  Good little beagle babies!   I don’t think Emmy and Viola care in the least about this process!  Matter of fact, I think they think it is a very silly idea!  Why divide the living space into 2 areas?  After all, they both walk OUTDOORS like BIG girls to use the bathroom.  I have tried to explain to them that little beagle puppies would not have a clue about using a doggie door to go outside!

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