Kansas Italian Greyhounds Start Weaning Process!

Our little Italian Greyhounds from Gracey and Joy are beginning the weaning process!  Today they spent 1/2 day without mama in the weaning area.  I am pleased to report they are doing amazingly well!  They love puppy food!  I have never seen such eager beavers!  They started on a frisbee full of wet puppy food.  Then I let dry food out for them.  Nothing slid by their noses!  They love dry food too!  I think mama Gracey and Joy missed their babies!  I am NOT sure the puppies were the least bit lonesome for mama.  This evening when I went to check on everybody they started jumping in their beds with mama and trying to get my attention.  They know I bring them puppy food!  Not spoiled in the least!  Just happy puppies trying to get my attention.  One little Italian Greyhound puppy, Oliver has learned how to completely jump out of his area.  Smart little puppy.  I think he thought he could get 1st dibs on luvvins or food comiing!

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