Kansas Beagle Puppies Begging to be picked up!

Our little beagle puppies from Viola are really maturing!  When they see me coming to greet them, they start wagging their tails!  Then they try climbing over each other to get the 1st petting session from me!  Our little beagle puppy, Cindy, tries to insist that ALL the loving belongs to her!  She continually tries to run under my hand to soak up ALL the loving that I am doling out at the time!  Dexter, is one of our very patient beagle puppies!  He calmly waits till it is his turn for lovings and pettings!  It is truly amazing to see the personalities come out at this age!  Our puppies from Emmy are getting quite friendly also!  I would say that Dallas is the most outgoing beagle puppy in her litter.  He definitely is READY for attention when I come walking by his bedroom!  Tomorrow is the BIG day for our beagle puppies!  They will be samping wet puppy food for the 1st time!  It will be fun to watch their reaction!  I have seen a few of them sniffing and checking out mama beagle’s food.  I think they are definitely ready to start having some of their OWN!

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